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Getting Emails from Christianity Works has been amazing to receive the Devotionals on God's Word. The impact that it has had is that I can learn more about God. I am thankful that God has led me in this way. There are times when I don't understand God or His word, but I love the perspective Christianity Works has on God's word. I feel the Holy Spirit leading me through minisitries and the Word to grow faithfully and come closer to Jesus.
I have been a follower of Yeshusa for 22 years, and one thing that has kept me on the path that he has ordained for me is my faith in him. I keep focused on the vision/dream that he reveals to me. No matter how impossible the dream/vision appears, I know Yahweh will allow it to come to pass. It is not always easy especially when there are negative comments, from family/ friends who do not understand. But one thing I will never do is put my mighty Yahweh in a box. Thank you Berni for your daily words of encouragement.
Regular, timely words from God thru Christiabity Works helps me so many times - for instance, a difficult or wrong decision in process, and along comes the daily message! And directs/corrects me. With Love. Thank you,
Just three short years ago, I had hit rock bottom. I was homeless, living in shelters, and on couches. Doing drugs every day. I was stealing from stores. That's when I finally surrendered to God and gave him control of my life. God has turned everything around. He has helped me stay off drugs, got me off the streets, reconnected with family and friends. I have read Christianity Works, and You Version for over 1,000 straight days, without missing a single day. I now have an income every month, more clothes, and nice things than I've ever had in my life. I'm even saving money and adding to it on a monthly basis. I have a monthly gym membership and donate blood when I am able to. None of this would have ever been possible unless I completely surrendered to God, and let him be in the driver's seat of my life. Reading Christianity Works every single day, and letting go and letting God lead has changed my life COMPLETELY. I went from a homeless drug addict, with nothing or no one, to having all that gone, and changed for the much, much better. Christianity Works!!!!
Hi Berni My story is not unique .... I think it's a "normal" story most people share. Life is tough, it has it's ups and downs and I feel, the only way to get through life is with God in it. I couldn't do it without Him. Our loving Father has a beautiful way of talking to us, encouraging and showing us the way. This beautiful way is through, what I call, the "angels" in our lives. You are one of those "angels" in my life. You are a blessing to me and so many out there. God uses you and your ministry to help us in this journey of life ... encouraging and guiding .... in a simple and straightforward way. Sometimes it feels like your message is for me specifically. I can only but thank God for the "angels" in my life. God bless you Berni ... may your ministry draw more and more of God's children closer to Him.
All I can say is Christianityworks is making a great impact on my daily walk with my Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. I first heard Christinityworks on a holiday in Central Australia. Berni was talking about sin and I was unsure if sin applied to me. But on Tuesday 14th October at 6:25 am Eastern Time I realised sin did apply to me. That day I asked Jesus into my life and I never looked back. Last Sunday afternoon I was with a friend. He and I walked around Churnside Park local football ground and we saw people doing what they should not have been doing. My friend was angry at them but I just prayed for their salvation.
Hey there, I have been a Christian since September of 2019. Before September 2019, my life was lived denying God. When going to a camp called Teen Ranch located in Cobbity of NSW, Australia, I was unaware that it was a Christian Faith Based Camp. When I was there, I received a Bible from one of the staff members and who is also a Manager at the campsite. I was praying through the week, but I didn't know what it was really about. When the camp was over, I went and told my family who don't have faith in Jesus. There were hard situations and it got really difficult for me. I started reading the Bible and praying. I accepted Jesus into my life, and I started living His way. I knew that I was still trying to live the world's and His way as well. During July 2020, the Spirit led me to truly love and started to live for Jesus. When I was watching a a movie clip of Jesus being brutally beaten, I broke out into tears knowing that He took the punishment for the sins of humanity. Christianity Works has encouraged me to continue walking faithfully with the Lord by showing me the ways in which we can live to glorify God more often.
I lost my husband 5 years ago today, my youngest child was 13 and my middle child was in his last year of school. Needless to say there have been many challenging times. Christianityworks has been my savings Grace and it has been miraculous as to just how many timely messages I have read. 2 weeks ago I was advised that my cancer has returned and my youngest child is now in year 12. At a routine checkup a lump was detected. A follow up ultra sound revealed a lump in a different area (no lump where the Dr thought). A PET scan confirmed the lump (nothing anywhere else). Subsequent fine needle aspiration confirmed cancer… has been surgically removed with surrounding lymphnodes. This lump would have easily gone undetected had it not been for the ultrasound tech taking her time and being extremely thorough (guided by the Holy spirit)I have prayed for my health everyday since my husbands death and the lord delivers.

Hi Berni,
I recieve your Fresh daily devotional each day. I enjoy your simple, practical way of getting God’s message across. I have to say, myself and no doubt many others struggle with the Bible when it uses words like doth, thee and others like it. I’m sure you know what I mean. We should never be ashamed of preaching the Gospel. However, if you can’t get your message across to people because they won’t listen, then it can be quite discouraging. As I said earlier, you have a good way and style when spreading the good news. I live in Scotland, near Glasgow. I was brought up a Catholic like yourself. I became a Christian three years ago. I started to attend a Baptist church, which I enjoyed. I meet many people who ask or question, not in a bad way, why I still attend Mass. I heard a saying that bad Catholics (people who don’t know the Faith and are Catholics in name only) become Protestants and good Protestants become Catholics. I:e Scott Hahn, Marcus Heidi etc. I struggle to understand why guys like Scott Hahn who by his own admission, were anti Catholic and steeped in the Bible, (sola scripture) would then become a Catholic. It’s a real issue for me at present. Feel like I’m stuck in no man’s land going between my Catholic Christian friends and my Protestant Christian friends lol. Anyway, keep up the good work. As I said, I enjoy how God’s message through you, has a story in it and is easy to understand. Take care and God bless. Jim

Jim Ellis

I very much appreciate the audio, also. I look forward to hearing Berni’s inspirational and uplifting voice every morning, especially now as I am very ill. Thank you so much for your Good Works and God Bless!

Rebecca Hennon

I used to love listening to Berni on Rhema Fm Newcastle but he was often on a Sunday morning when I would be at church. I am very glad now to reconnect with and become part of this ministry, to feed on more truths of the depth of God’s love for each of us and take hold of our identity in him standing against the devils crippling lies. Thanks Berni.

Jenny Nicholls

Last year, when the pandemic first started making an impact on people’s lives. I felt speaking to me and it was from a scripture reference that Berni shared on Mathew 14: 25-36, when Jesus walked on the water and called Peter out of the boat He knew what was going to happen in the world and He said to me, “ keep your eyes upon Me don’t look to the right or to the left; don’t worry about the storms all around you”. He also gave me psalm 91:1-8. God is so amazing. Now and again when I slip and start to worry about something, the Holy Spirit says, “keep your eyes on Me”. Thank you Berni and all at Christianity Works. Fresh is such a blessing to me.
Good Day All My name is Marlene Bonita Marinus, I am blessed. I surrendered my will to God on the 11th of January 2021. Serving God and being a blessing is the greatest. What we can do for the Kingdom of God, your words of motivation and encouragement makes a fantastic difference. Stay blessed Pastor Bernie, thank you very much for making a difference, The Lord Bless you and your Family with lots of Love From Marlene & family 🙏🙏🙏👨‍👩‍👦

Hi Berni, I love your messages and share them often with others (especially my unsaved son-in-law ). I would love you to type the last bit of your talk onto the text as well as talking it after the written text has finished as he only reads your message and doesn’t listen to the video. I feel he misses a very important part of your message. Thank you for your work. Blessings Jeanette

Jeanette Dobson - Your Voice

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