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Help us to share the word. We’d love to hear how God has impacted your life through Christianityworks.
Thank you for your Fresh Devotional. I wake up and get my coffee and listen to your devotions every morning. Hearing Gods word in the morning is what gets my day going. I'm not good at expressing myself but listening to you every morning gives me meaning to keep going forward and staying strong and holding on to my Faith. Thank you for being with me every morning and knowing that I'm loved and that my sins have been washed away by my Lords blood. Thank you Lord Jesus .

We look forward every morning to reading Fresh together. It is amazing. We are so disappointed on the odd occasion it doesn’t come through. Bernie is refreshingly honest. His down to earth Aussie humour is a pleasant change. Many thanks.

Trisha Trimble

I have had many struggles losses and heartache. From drug addiction to the loss of my children to foster care and to the murder of my sister. I've come to realize that it isn't my way cuz my way isn't working and so I've turned to God. And though I don't know much about the Bible I do you know I want so much more and to give so much more. I want to be better to live better. So many times as I read or listen to a verse I feel like he's speaking directly to me.. The more I follow his way the more I feel whole. I know that only he can give me the love, peace and joy that I long for. Thank you for helping me in my journey.

I really appreciated the series and have found it to be life-changing. Thank you for publishing and making this information available to so many. I live on a tiny island in the Pacific where resources are extremely limited but thanks to your ministry I see Romans 12 in a new perspective – thank you again!

lio alofaituli

Hello name is Jaime and God talks to me a lot, through these daily devotional's and scriptures. The Lord is good and is using Christianityworks to help me in my walk with Christ and to encourage me and motivate me and I thank God for Christianityworks and the devotionals and scriptures they send. May God bless them and keep using them for His glory and you too whoever you are reading this may the Lord bless you and be with you and cover you in His blood and with His love in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen

I think that this is such a blessing to those who truly love the Lord and who want to grow in the Lord. Keep up the great work!
God Bless 😇

Marilyn Neason

Christianityworks staff and Berni, don’t know how they do it but are still getting better and better every day … The messages from the last two weeks and the week ahead are just perfect for folks in the USA.


I love it [Fresh]! I look forward to it everyday, especially I video. Thank you!
Good morning Berni, thank you for your daily devotion sent via email. I am always encouraged by the words you have to say and the simplicity of how your message is to understand. I have been a Christian now for 26 years and life has not always been easy. I have been through many challenging experiences but God has been faithful and you have personally encouraged me. The excitement I wanted to share, was when Sunday 5th April 2020 the Church I belong is Preaching on "I Am who I Am" and the Scriptures our Pastor used from John were exactly the same Scriptures your Daily devotion used, along with David Jeremiah devotion used from the USA. I think I need to take heed that God is trying to tell me something during this lockdown period and that is to stay connected to the Vine. I shared your devotion with my pastor and this is his response. "Thanks for sending this through, it is amazing how God works things in His church. This was an encouraging video." God bless you and Jacqui in you Ministry Judi

I find the daily podcasts very encouraging. Thank you 😁🌈

Juliet McGoldrick

I truly needed to hear this. Thank you


I love your devotionals and the narrator’s gentleness of voice and truthful optimism it is both encouraging and hope bringing.
Thank you. 🙂

Elijah Johnson

I've been a Christian all my life and God has always been with me.This does not mean we get a problem free ride. Jesus suffered for us on the cross taking our sins upon Himself- He's our Kinsman Redeemer. It's hard to pinpoint specific impacts for me as I try to support a variety of ministries-CMI,Bob Gass, Friends of Israel Gospel Ministries as well as Christianityworks. I used to donate to Bible League and others too but can no longer afford to do so as I am a pensioner now. I have been through a lot over the years. I was bullied at school as a little kid-grade 2 and 3 I think- by a girl from a dysfunctional family and sexually abused while boarding at a Christian college in Adelaide. After that and a year at a Salisbury High School I was sent to a government rehab centre in Adelaide-had trouble communicating. While their a couple of future crims tried to sexually abuse me but stopped when I told my parents the next day. Our family lived in a street full of bad neighbours- one side of neighbours were thieves-and so forth. My brother has an intellectual disability and mum had a nervous breakdown because of the neighbours, We came from Tanunda-not sure why mum and dad decided to move where they did.I ended up working 24 years in Tax- not my job of choice. I am not one for being in an office environment. Back in 1985 I went to QLD with a father and son-friends of the family- but the father treated his son like dirt and abused me This brought all back again. I've had PTSD and depression through this and there is more I could write but this is a brief outline. Church youth group and later singles camps all over the country were a Godsend and helped a lot. I write down an outline of Fresh and Word For Today in my diary and download Fresh devotionals as witnessing material which we distribute at work in the chook feed bags- I work at a poultry farm and my boss is a Christian also. I sent some witnessing material to JWs when one called while I was out. It seems the devil intensified his attacks since as I've struggled a bit since but God is training me for His purpose and provides for my every need. (Not sure if this was what you meant and I struggled to think what to say so I'll leave it with you)

I enjoy your talk about the family unit loosing their closeness due to the gifts of the world. It is so true. I am one that grew up in the late 40’s and 50’s and I see the disfunction in todays families. It is so difficult for children to realise what we are talking about.

Maria Dorr

I look forward to and absolutely love what you have FRESH for me every day. Thank you!

Thank you Berni, God used your ministry powerfully in my life today, I put my sure hope in God alone as I step forward to forgive and love and do the simple things to bring my family together. Praise be to God for what He has already done and what He is doing and what He will do. God continue to bless you mightily! In God’s love, In Jesus’ name and by the fellowship of the Holy Spirit

Joanna Lockwood

Thanks so much, encouraging and uplifting. Receive His Word with heart felt thanks. God bless you and your family and may He continue to prosper you in His Word of Grace and truth.


My name is Thobile Mkutshwa from Cape Town South Africa. I was born physically disabled but able to walk and I loved doing my weight lifting. One of the other day, I wake up with my legs not functioning and when I go to the doctor they indeed confirmed that I was going to be in the wheel chair for the rest of my life. I stayed in the hospital and was transferred from one to the other and my life was never get any progress. I thank God for allowing my situation to happen to me. I didn't have much time to think about God or even pray but God draw me closer to Him. At first it was very difficult for me to adjust and I pray to God to give me strength. In the 3 years I've spent in hospital I had no visitors, no friends even my family turns on me. But today I am singing a new song. God gave me a job that I still have and on top of it all He blessed me with a car and a new family at work .... and I give all the praises to God for all . Though i can't walk my car is converted for me and I can drive it myself. Sometimes the things that we cry for don't really matter, as God has the whole plan about our lives . I pray and believe that if my life was changed to what it is today and can still live and believe in God you can too. Just believe, pray and have faith in God with all your challenges and problems you are going through. God sees success behind the failure and sees life behind death. Stay blessed and always believe in God.
I am so Thankful to God, for His Word, because He is always there for me. When everyone hangs up their phones on me, when I ask them for any kind of help. I know that God will always be there for me. He will never leave me or forsake me ...AND I THANK CHRISTIANITYWORKS FOR COMING MY WAY. AMEN and AMEN TO THAT.

I have listened to your third easter talk and want to thank you for presenting the whole message of the gospel so clearly. I have been listening to christian radio during work for the past 6 months and this is the first time I have heard anyone speak of God’s justice and hell; what we are saved from, not just of Gods love and what he can do for us.
I find it difficult to share the gospel as I don’t know where to start or how to present a concise message, you have given me a 10 min structure to copy.

lyn armstrong

God bless you I feel great that God directed me to your site


This message lifted me up. I was in the valley of hopelessness and despair.
That God Almighty calls me precious in His sight and loved. I can scarcely contain myself.
It is then settled and well with my soul.

Sam Omekara

My third son has been imprisoned for 10 years. In my letters to him I always enclose the daily devotional from Christianityworks. In his most recent letter to me he thanked me for my ongoing support and now reads the Bible daily. He stated that this support is now giving him the peace and joy of being a Christian. What better present could a mother have especially at Christmas? Thank you Christianityworks.

Thanks for the commentary and advice. Hard to find something relevant these days. Had dabbled in porn before became a Christian, and before marriage. Then after 2 years of struggle came clean. But I am still tempted. Thankfully without sinning so far…. Finding fellow Christians to help with accountability is easier said than done. Thanks again R


It was very informative and engrossing too.

Om Prakash Tyagi

I love what you have said about love everyone.. Yes God has called all of us to do just that.

Eileen Johnson

What a wonderful message Berni, so true that our God always works in a fresh and new way all the time. I pray that I look forward to the celebration of my Savior through eyes not clouded with my own perspective or circumstance but to be excited to how God will move and reveal Himself to me afresh, to draw me closer to Him and to bring growth and a heart that desires a closer relationship with my heavenly Father.


Thank you!!! Love this!!!

Sharon Hrabovsky

Berni is still fresh, youthful, amazing, always relevant, and reaching out with God’s word. Truly making a difference after years of work…..building a vibrant legacy….thanks to God.
He must work with wonderful people as well. It doesn’t happen by accident. You’re able to keep him charged up with his positive attitude that helps us all move forward in our faith…

Many thanks and God bless the wonderful things you’re all led to do for us all…..I have introduced his messages to so many people. Two have come to Christ at least…a few more I am certain are on their journey towards faith….it’s just taking a little longer….just like the message in your seed story today…

Mega thanks and prayers to you all.!!!
Mark & Susan Caufield

Mark Caufield / Torrington, Connecticut USA

I thank Lord Jesus for His grace and mercy in your life and to all your team, God enable you to share His goodness to many including my self, such a revelation! Im sure Holy Spirit will protect you all and bless you day after day, again thank you.

Senen Teoxon

This is so wonderful. I was alternating between being frozen with fear and running around like a headless chicken. The crux of the message I got from this is wait on the Lord with faith. I have my final exams coming up in 10 days. I have been facing so many challenges in the past week, that I have not been able to sit and study. This devotional really encouraged me. Please remember in prayers, my exams. Thank you. God bless you all. Keep up the good ministry.

Susan Mathew

I love listening to your different perspective broadcast. I plan my ride to work around it! Last week I was running late and I think you were talking about a personality type that is thinking so much that they can get overwhelmed with the details, end up not being able to make decisions. I think it was some type of leader but I’m not sure. Does that sound familiar? I’m not sure which day it was, I think it was late in the week. But I don’t think it was teacher. I didn’t get to it online last week and heard you say today that we can go back and hear last week’s programs, which is great, but I’m not sure which day is was. Any idea?


I found this to be very interesting and thought-provoking, Berni. You put it so well. In everyday terms which are easy to comprehend. Thank you, and keep up the good work. I think you’re great in helping spread God’s Word.

Carol Bayley

Thanks so much for being Obedient to the call of God on your life. Especially for the fact that you’re so Honest and open about yourself. Today I heard you say that you’re no Super Christian. And that you made mention of having a first wife. I was feeling a little condemned and felt like an outcast from the Church seeing I’m a divorced Christian man. I felt so free and blessed to hear those words. And look at your life in Christ and talk of your favourite person on planet Earth your wife Jacqui.
Im not finished off. And that the Lord can still use me also as He’s done and is doing in and through you my beloved brother in Christ. God’s blessing Gary.

Gary Towart

I like today’s message…. it seems at times the Word is meant for me …at a time when I need clarity it will find it’s way. Thank you

Yolanda Small

Berni. Thank you so much for Blessing us with God’s word on a way it is easy to understand. I look forward to reading your email every morning. Thanks again and God Bless you. Philip

Philip Turney

I am blessed by the Lord through Berni whose notes I read every day before anything else, thank you.

Ruth Archer

Christianityworks has helped me out of the dark. Your videos, emails and booklets have given me hope when I hade none. It's elightened me to the fact that I'm not alone in my walk with our lord Jesus Christ.

Thanks for these messages Berni. My heart says Amen to all that you are sharing this week. Your messages are encouraging me to want to give even more as I understand more clearly God’s heart for the poor and needy. My husband and I have seen time and time again that God’s generosity to us encourages us to be even more generous to those in need both near and far. I believe that God calls his people to be open handed and open hearted to those in need around us. Blessings to you. Brenda

Brenda Harvey

I believe that it [the daily Fresh devotional] has helped me a great deal to have more faith in God, especially now that I am going through a recovery from surgery. Because if it wasn’t for the reading you guys send ... well, they have helped me get through this alone, besides having God by my side.

I think your bible studies that I’ve heard so far are very interesting and straight Bible knowledge and I am very interested in continuing with your studies, although I am SDA learning and studying the word of God. Go bless you. Thank you very much.

Yvonne Zackery

I came here knowing that my life is not running, but I was running from life.
This message has helped me focus. I have been searching, sometimes worried, sometimes scared of the future.
In fact I did not see a future if I am honest. I love the film, I could tell the honesty in the presenter.
I understand when he spoke about being in a room and not feeling loved.
After watching and nodding, I am given hope.
I have messed so many relationships up, I have formed some good ones.
The best relationship I can have is with God.
Thank you so much. I believe God sent me here 🙂 God bless you.

Mark Hyde

I really liked your first email. Honor everyone! Hard to do, but that’s His command! Lord help me to do as you require.

Terry Fahringer

Just signed up today. So far so good!

Pamela A Wright

I think Different Perspective and Christianity Works as a whole ministry is excellent. The growth and stability of this ministry over the years is a true testament of God’s blessing and purposes being outworked by faithful servants.

Ken Cross

I am blessed by the story of Abraham. He was full of imperfections but the turning point was his faith in God.
Lord help my unbelief.


Very enlightening message. I was very encouraged by this Word! I’m crying out to God for my precious family. I want them back, back worshipping Jesus, praying with me and joining me on Sunday to go to Church. Thank you soooooooh much.
Paddy F.

Patrick Finnegan

Thank you Berni for your words from the heart of God. My life is a bit up and down and I think that my relationship with God is not there. I just need to spend more time talking with the Lord in all that I do and reading his word. Thanks again for the message. God bless, Phil Houghton

Phil Houghton

I have a peace like never before, I’m in God’s Word every day. My relationship with Jesus is growing. I understand now how much God loves me and how I should love others.

Thanks for the word of encouragement this is exactly some of the issues going on in our local church – I sure appreciate hearing that it happens throughout the “house”…keep up the good work.

lio alofaituli

Learn something every time I listen to these podcasts. Thank you Berni for sharing God’s love 🙏

Jen Buxton

Am really blessed with these messages and would like to get more of them to straighten my Christian life. Thank you

Emmanuel Ahafia

Thank you so so much! Your words have inspired me. Being in the wilderness at the moment, your words come at just the right time for me.
Thank you!!

Ernest Manning

Love your series helped me greatly. Thank you

Lynda Russell

Well I sure didn’t think of it that way, but praise God the way you put it God sending his Son to die for me when I was living a wild life style thank you Jesus


Great reminder! I’ve had storms in the past and I’m going through one now. I’d like to think I’d go with Peter ( but not look down!!!) but would value prayer for courage to stick it out and go with Jesus. Thankyou for these daily readings which remind us time and again to KEEP OUR EYES ON JESUS.Crystal

Crystal Carter

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! Ive been looking for something like this and you guys have been a blessing.

Jason Hahn

I agree entirely Berni … thanks for this. Have been challenged myself recently on ‘What price will I pay to see the lost saved, the sick healed.’ I am fasting to know the answer and to see a friend healed who has no medical answer… “He is able to do far more than we can think or imagine…” “Send forth your word to heal…” I cannot now be satisfied with powerless Christianity. Bless you!

Kath Wells

Hi Bernie. I’ve enjoyed your fresh, down-to-earth, Biblical nuggets of wisdom from your “A Different Perspective” program for several years, and still do. I like your new website: it’s very colorful. I do miss, however, your presence at, which was easier to get to, but I suppose I will get used to going here, to your website, in the future. (You know about “old horses” and “new tricks”!). Thank you for hanging in there and I wish you many more years of blessings for you and your family and your ministry.

Timothy Herrick

I enjoyed every bit of it. Awesome lessons. THANK YOU.


Dear Berni, the message is challenging. I am struggling to keep my faith in HIM amidst the problems. I am comforted to keep trusting HIM alone. Thank YOU.

Marri Suresh Vidyasagar

Thank you. Today God spoke to me through you. Even though I am not a Christian, I believe that it was fate which made me stumble upon your site and I got this wake up call about my health. I will need to read these four episodes once or twice more to grasp fully what you have said and try to modify my life. God works through unseen hands and today I have witnessed it.


Thankyou . I’m a single mum age nearly 48 my son is 9. At times it gets fraught. I have no human model as was brought up in care and was like a parcel with no address until the destructive family aged 10 I ended with. God is my number 1 and I know parenting is a gift and God allowed me my son as a miracle many ways over. God gave me my son. I do often doubt my ability, feel guilty as I shouldn’t have said this … or done that…. but God is helping me. Sadly I over think which is my snare. I know the importance of a good childhood that now a days more than ever must be Bible based and brought alive to my son by his own faith and own relationship with God. I have health issues that at times stop me being as tolerant as I should be. I enjoy listenning to your ministry on UCB ireland as it’s presented in a real way. Being a parent is a huge responsibility . Thankyou for aĺl the input . Sharon

Sharon Smith

Thank you for spreading the light of God’s love throughout the world enveloped by darkness.

I was slowly getting tired and being overwhelmed by the darkness of injustice and corruption. The dark seems to always have the upper hand despite all the efforts to stand firm with the light. These series about Joseph and about holding on the dream that God gave him despite the adversity he experienced, has given me a new perspective and strength in facing the battles challenges ahead. I shall hold on the dream that God planted in my heart. And hope to see my fellow Filipinos live in dignity someday, especially those who are living under inhumane conditions brought about by economic poverty.

Once again, may God bless you and keep you!

Jun Lozada

Thank you very much for the Fresh Word!!!! I love to read them and look forward to it every morning!!! Thank you again for sharing the Word of God and his Son, Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Pattie Wolf

I struggle to know what our Father wants me to do at the moment. I pray, I ask I read His word and I am still unsure of what He wants me to do. My journey is really only a couple of years old,but I want to trust and believe for the impossible. Thank you Berni for your wonderful devotions.

Rossana Potter

Very good 2 part series. Listening to ‘Out of the Blue’ reminded me of one morning over 10 years ago walking to work in Toronto. Small voice said, ‘slow down’. Fortunately, I did, just Moments later in pouring rain one American pick up truck hit another pushing it around a corner through a cross walk just in front of me.


Hi I came across your talks on Premier Christian Radio here in the UK and intend using the “Who is Jesus” series as the basis for our talks at our church youth group. Christ Church Rugby UK. Thanks for the inspiration and may God bless your ministry. Simon

Simon wade

SERIES: THE LONG ROAD HOME episode 3 is just what I needed to hear.
I have been struggling since ending an affair months ago and this lesson encapsulates so much of my heart, mind and soul’s battles in the time leading up to the affair, during and now after.
I do love the man but it was a way leading to death.
I want to choose life- namely being back with my husband.
Thank you.


Anger is my stubborn sin, while driving along one day behind some one doing 40 ks in a 60 zone,i was livid. The thoughts in my head were many but finished with “God i am surpposed to be a Christian what’s with all these thoughts”. Well you wouldn’t believe the thoughts that followed they went something like this. Maybe the person in front of you nearly had an accident just a short while ago, Maybe they are driving for the first time by them self, maybe there is something wrong with the car, maybe they are returning from a funeral, and the list went on, leaving me shrinking in my seat with my thoughts now apologizing to God for being so ( ) there’s a word that fits there some where. “Seek first the Kingdom of God and everything else will be given unto you” Wisdom versus anger? The battle is not over but thanks be to God He has enlightened me a little more to prepare me for the next one. Thank you for the “Stubborn sin” episodes which have further enlightened me to push forward for the prize that one day awaits us.
Keep up the great work

Rob Messmer

I really love your teaching. very encouraging! I have been struggling of my weight since I was a child. God bless you! thanx!


I find these short sermans incredibly encouraging, thanks very much.

Shirley Dunstan

Thank you for this fantastic series on stress. I have been bothered about so much and overthinking about the future. It is so good to know God’s word on how we should handle stress. Totally agree with what you have said.

Linda Guok

Just what I needed to hear today , Blessings,.


Dear Berni, I'm thanking God for your encouragement, inspiration, and the impact that your ministry has had on my life. I awaken daily (Glory be to God) looking forward to reading your devotional. I pray that the blessings of your ministry touch and uplift people all around the world. By your sharing of God's word I am strengthened and find myself drawing closer to God daily. I pray that many are blessed through your blessings and that you continue to uplift people daily. Happy, blessed, and safe holidays from my family to yours.

Hi. I do like Berni ‘s teaching style, which I listen to when I can on Christian Radio stations. He seems to put things into a very down to earth & simple lanquage. It is a great help to myself & many others in my Spiritual growth & walk with the Lord.God Bless you all at C.W. ! Nick

Nick Hemsley

I absolutely love and enjoy reading every thing you send me and just about all of it touches my heart. 💙 GOD helps me every day but almost 4 years ago he directed me, saved my life and helped me tremendously with sobriety. I was addicted to pain pills. I overdosed once he literally saved my life. I thank him everyday. I am going to ask you to please pray for me now because I'm stuck in this hole and can't get out I don't know what is wrong but I lost 100% of my energy and I'm glued to the couch and it might seem easy and people say just get up and do stuff but I can't. I don't understand. I'm been sober and you'd think I'd have all the energy but I dont... I thank God and you for sending me these inspiring stories. God bless you all

Hi Bernie,

I really loved your message today, me and my husband discussed it. My husband is really really really lovely, and is slowly coming to the lord, I want you to know how much I love him. I believe that God truly chose us for each other. I started being with him at 17 years old, and at 19 we were married and we have been together 35 years. He is so supportive of me, my faith, he is slowly coming to faith, and he is great at protecting etc. I discussed your message to day with him, but just want to query that message that we want to hear what our husbands have done today, Not saying I dont, I love to hear what my Stevey has done today, but most likely that is all he will talk about, he will not ask me about my day, feelings etc. I really felt that your message today came from a mans perspective, as really I agree with everything you say, about wanting to join with my husband emotionally, but feel that he is already fully occupied with what he has done today, and dont get me wrong, I am so blessed he wants to share that. But much more importantly if you want to see from a Womans perspective, I want him to ask about me, what have I done today, how have things gone. I love my husband, but I cant remember the last time he actually involved himself fully in my life. Hope you get this Berni as I think it is really important in understanding a woman’s perspective, Love from Mary a sister in Christ xxxxx

Mary Chapman

Excellent what an excellent message. I love that we can either read or listen or both!


Christianityworks has been an important part of learning how to truly accept Christ's forgiveness, even though I do not deserve it in any way, shape, or form and this year, learning (and continuing to learn) how not to just say that I forgive people who have wronged me, and wronged me in the very worst and deceptive way possible, but to be intentional and determined to obey Christ in forgiving them and in the process, have learned (and am still very much learning) how to forgive myself. Thank you Christianityworks for helping me to start really learning this amazing and life-changing truth and encouraging me to continue to learn it. Merry Christmas and God bless you.
There have been many times that my daily devotion through your team has worked in my life. At this very moment, I feel dry. Inspite that God has a lot of good things laid ahead of me before this year ends, I still feel lonely. I suddenly feel sad. Then through this email that whenever I no longer don't understand things and I just feel like crying out and groaning, Romans 8:26 spoke to me. The spirit is comforting me in my grief. Thank you for everything that you are sharing. I'm so blessed!

Thank you so much, this has been so helpful. I’ve been thinking a lot about this recently – ‘worry is sin’ yes! Thank you for such practical advice and such a clear understanding of how we overcome these with God.


Hi Berni, Vivienne from Belfast. I love the way you teach us the GOSPEL. Your programmes are so inspiring and a real treat to watch and listen. Thankyou JESUS …


I loved hearing the message this morning about grief. Chris…I hope that’s the name of the Australian man – spoke.
I have a lost teenager – thankfully no drugs, bad behavior. He’s had a loss of his dreams due to injury in wrestling, and then he lost social connection. Life is JUST coming on him. The booklet for life with Jesus sounded just perfect – leaning on Jesus who loves us all the time, wherever we are. Please send me the ebook. Many thanks. Appreciate prayer for Danny.

Betsy leggett

The Face of Perfection

Hi Berni,
Thank you so much for the kick in the pants. I’ve always liked to have things just right. Even as a child I hated anyone touching my things because they were often not put back the way I liked them.
I remember being a divorced Mum, working full time, raising 2 children & would often “lose my cool” because the children hadn’t done their chores right, to my way of thinking. I always encouraged honest family discussions & one day my children sat me down & pointed out to me that they could not do a thing right by me, because whatever they did was wrong as I would always criticize their efforts. My children told me they wanted to live with my Mum because she accepted them as they are. That day I learnt a lesson. We are not all the same. Perfection is not a way of life for all. Accept & appreciate the efforts made by those wired differently than you because they are children of God too. I could have lost my children that day purely by my own attitudes but instead I turned myself around & life at home, whilst not 100% perfect in looks, it was 100% perfect as a family.
My children are grown up & have children of their own now. Are their houses up to my standard of tidyness? Oh heck no. But they have grown into lovely people & their houses are full of love, kindness, honesty & respect. What more could any mother want?
I still am a perfectionist & often drive my now husband insane with it but I’m more relaxed in my expectations now. Although sometimes, just sometimes ………

visit the post

Right on target with the encouragement and sound teaching I need to hear. THANK YOU,for your integrity,godly wisdom, and transparency. God be with you, and bless you for what you have done.

Diane Nikfar

For those wanting to have a closer relationship ship with God I've found the more time I spendid on a daily devotional, the better dayI have and the closer to Him I feel. If you are time poor try waking up 30 mins earlier or going to bed 30 mins earlier, you will reap the benefits. Also the benefits of dedicating an hour per week just sitting and listening to what God has to say to you is the best. Be still and know I'm God.

I really like this reading. Thank You.


Thank you Jesus so much for your words today. I needed to hear this today my husband and I just refinanced our house to pay off some debt we got into, and I found that not all of our debt is getting paid off, but the big ones are. So I was stressing out about it, but now I’m going to let God take the wheel so to speak. Thank you

Carrie Osterud

We liked this very much.

Phil and Dōninya Calvin

God CHOSE for Jesus to be born in a stable because, after all, lambs are born in a stable and Jesus is THE LAMB.

Maryanna Elliott

Love Pastor Berni ministry😇🕊🙏🏻✝️❤️Thank you
“God Bless You “ ❤️

Dot Burkhalter

Thank you so much. I am struggling with an issue. My daughter in law, hates me. I don’t know how to resolve this.
I apologised. But in her eyes I am no longer family. My son loves her so I stay out of it. But God knows I have not done anything to warrant this. But she feels I have. So I need prayers. Holidays are coming and I love Christmas. Advice please.and prayers.

Betty Smothers

That was brief and to the point and I enjoyed it I truly enjoyed it

That was brief and to the point and I truly enjoyed this lesson

Thankyou sssooooo much for that. You have described my Jesus and my experience with Him. His love is sssoooo big there is always more. Just when you thing you know it, He surprises us with more and with different areas that need to be touched by His love. I pray that those who still yet don’t understand that the nasty things that have happened in their lives are not His doing but the enemy and Jesus is longing to heal them and give them the victory over all of it. That can’t happen without His love. I was wondering are you going to make this series into a booklet. I think that would be awesome! Thankyou again, this has touched me deeply.

Julie Parker

Deeply moved after reading your message


Eliminating Stubborn Sin Once and For All (2)

I am Jasmin from Manila and I listen to your program over 98.7 every morning on my way to work. Thank you Berni for this message. I became a Christian two years ago and I come from a family of very independent and strong willed women where control and anger are ways for us to get people’s attention or cooperation and to get things done. This is very timely for me because I struggle when Anger is resorted to by family members. It breaks my heart when anger is released instead of just peacefully dealing with a situation or trusting Jesus. With your message I am more encouraged to talk to them about how to deal with Anger. You see, this is the norm in my family. I thought nothing of it because it was the environment I grew up in. Sadly, I was quick to anger too. But when I received Christ into my life two years ago and learning to live His ways I was humbled and brought down to my knees by the fact that to walk with Anger or choosing Anger to remedy things and situations is actually a disastrous walk. I found out I was misguided, unforgiving, impatient, controlling and untrusting of Jesus Christ. I didn’t know any better. Jesus showed this awful trait of mine and lovingly guided me to cure it, to seek Him instead of resorting to anger and to allow things to unfold because I have full trust in the Lord when it comes to my life and circumstances He brings me into. It is Jesus who is in control not I or my feelings. Now instead of resorting to anger, I step back, breathe in and out and pray. I immediately entrust the situation to the Lord and He tells me what to do. Though I am still a work in progress, there is peace in not walking in Anger and I love this inner peace. I have also resorted to forgiveness and love instead of keeping anger from past experiences. You are right. It is the enemy’s way of robbing us of our joy and this is not the life that God intended for you and me. I praise God for you and your work Berni. May God Bless you, your family and workforce. May you continue to share God’s word, grace and love. Thank you very much

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Ur email is the first thing I read every single day, that can b anytime between 4am and 5:30am……I don’t like getting up at that time but I have no choice. I have to get up to medicate for an incurable kidney disease amongst other things for the best part of fifty years🙄…… Your mail nearly always hits the nail right on the head, I dunno how u do it Bernie but its ALWAYS so helpful to me, I have been getting them for a few years now and they have made me feel wanted, loved, special, amongst other things. Even when I’ve been sooooo close to edge, where I’ve been sitting here in absolute agony looking at all my meds, getting fed up with having to take nearly 200 pills a day and drink 8 ltrs fluid day in day out every single day. Unable to stand, walk, etc etc
I’ve sat here wondering what on earth im here for…….
I’m beginning to realise that I’m here to show my apartment block neighbours that no matter what’s going on in your life, there’s absolutely no reason at all not to show them everything that Jesus does to/for me, love, respect, help when you can. They know that I’m a Christian as they have asked how on earth I cope with things🙂I tell them when I feel brave enough, admittedly I should always say JESUS…….but sometimes and I don’t know why, I say nothing😕😢. I KNOW it’s only thru Him that I’m here and I pray that he strengthens me to always say HIS name first so He always gets the glory He deserves…..sorry its so long but thank you thank you thank you!! I pray that you continue forever bringing His name to the world, God bless you Bernie,
James 🙏

james lock

Berni, Well done and thank you for sharing this with me and so many others. God has blessed you with, I think, a wonderful way of touching the hearts and minds of young people – and older ones too, like me. I shall pass this on to my niece whose oldest son (16?) is struggling big time with them i.e. in rebellion. I think to share it with my niece and her husband and see if they think that they want to or want me to share it with their son. If he will listen to your talks, I think that he will hopefully see more clearly how to go about growing up and honoring his father and mother so that he might have long life in the land God has given him. I also am of the mind that it will bear a blessing from God to my niece and her husband who will be encouraged in their parenting and also perhaps see more clearly how to go about it. I hope to let you know the good fruits of your your 5 talks as seen in my niece’s family.

Thanks again for getting back to me and sharing this wisdom from our God. Think that I shall look more at what you do and have to say and pass you on to others for their consideration.


Fran Collins

Francis Collins

Dear Berni, Thank you very much for the message. I started reading this message from Episode one and I couldn’t stop from just one. Kept on reading it. Very well written and Thanks again. God be with you, Emmanuel


Your messages are keeping from being suicidal because I know God and Jesus Our Lord is always with me 24/7

I really needed to hear this message. I have for the first time in my life been feeling a disconnection from the church, not God, but church.

Carmen Burns

Christianityworks have been wonderful to me in my Christian life ... every topic speaks to me... is like every topic is always written having me in mind Am always like "Truly, I need to do that or stop that." I thank you so much for allowing God use you for this works.

Hi Berni,
Firstly, I’ve wanted so deeply to be able to give to your generous site as I’ve ordered 4 booklets from you and have found them truly helpful. This latest one, “The Road to Contentment” really hit me hard. I’m in the 2 to 4 number of being contented with my life. I’ve taken over a small church home group to try to get my life back on track and lead a better Christian life pleasing to God. I struggle so much with having to pay bills as my wife works and I’m on a Disability Pension and it doesn’t leave much to even pay my chemist bill or petrol for my car. I try to work and earn just a bit extra but it’s just not getting there to be enough. I know God will give us our needs and not our wants, but it gets so damned hard to make ends meet and while praising God in the mean time. Thanks for your booklets and your website, it does help to listen to someone that cares. GB. Kev.


Dear Berni, how I love to read everything you write. It is easy to understand, and really hits home! Keep up the good work! Your friend in Jesus Jo!👍🏼


Blessings! I’m so blessed to listen & learn biblical truths with encouraging commentaries. God bless you & God’s ministry!

Ma Victoria

I heard one of your teaching on our national christian radio broadcaster ‘Radio Pulpit’ and am intrigued with the manner of how you bring the message of the gospel across to listeners.


Thanks so much for your help on this site! Reading today on the heart I was shown sin in my heart, pride and arrogance, ego and self-centeredness. I so needed to recognize that so I could repent. All you said in this series was very, very needed.

Sandra Brock - Your Voice

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