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Help us to share the word. We’d love to hear how God has impacted your life through Christianityworks.
Thank you Berni and all at Christianityworks, your daily devotional’s have been the teaching that I miss because I don’t have a church to go to, since moving to France many years ago. I am born again and Holy Spirit filled I can’t begin to tell you how much your daily Fresh has helped me get through situations. God has spoken to me through the teachings, He is an amazing God. He is with us always. May God continue to bless you and all at Christianityworks.
Wow, I really am so looking forward to your daily Word Of God !! Everyday. If I’m not here tomorrow and believe in what you are saying every day!! I can be so certain I have a home in glory land that outshines the sun !! God bless you all at Christianityworks and your . Prayer’s are being answered !! We have Sunday school started up in our Chapel once more !! It’s great to see children learning God’s plans and guidance for their lives !! Thanks 🙏 all . Henry Davies
Pastor Berni, I also glad that I came across your Daily Fresh Word. I love how you teach the Truth in such a Profound Way. I feel encouraged and motivated to continue to Grow in my Spiritual Journey and also to encourage others. May God continue to use you to be a Blessing to many as you have been to me. Your Sister in Christ Silvia Hatendi
Dear Bernie my name is John I've been a Christian for 6 years now but only a born-again Christian in the last 3 years. I've gotten a lot closer with my walk with Jesus Christ Jesus through your Christianity works program and for a while, I did lose track of my faith for a month was drowning with lots of emotions hatred for others total abandonment of Christ. I decided to come back as I was drowning and since doing that I have found following the lord and doing what is required when filled with the holy spirit is the only way to go. It's not an easy life it has a lot of ups and downs but I found rising above everyone else in this mess. I'm free walking with Christ Jesus is the only way to have for filament happiness and peace, not an easy life but through Christ in the holy spirit Andrew great Christianity works programs like you have been putting on we can get through each day god bless Bernie thank you.
It's soul touching faith reviver and booster. Keep it up you are bringing millions into God's Kingdom.
Christianity works has helped get established in God's word. Most of the time the daily Fresh word confirms what the Lord has impressed on my heart.
Parachute Jump

Hi Berni,
I recieve your Fresh daily devotional each day. I enjoy your simple, practical way of getting God’s message across. I have to say, myself and no doubt many others struggle with the Bible when it uses words like doth, thee and others like it. I’m sure you know what I mean. We should never be ashamed of preaching the Gospel. However, if you can’t get your message across to people because they won’t listen, then it can be quite discouraging. As I said earlier, you have a good way and style when spreading the good news. I live in Scotland, near Glasgow. I was brought up a Catholic like yourself. I became a Christian three years ago. I started to attend a Baptist church, which I enjoyed. I meet many people who ask or question, not in a bad way, why I still attend Mass. I heard a saying that bad Catholics (people who don’t know the Faith and are Catholics in name only) become Protestants and good Protestants become Catholics. I:e Scott Hahn, Marcus Heidi etc. I struggle to understand why guys like Scott Hahn who by his own admission, were anti Catholic and steeped in the Bible, (sola scripture) would then become a Catholic. It’s a real issue for me at present. Feel like I’m stuck in no man’s land going between my Catholic Christian friends and my Protestant Christian friends lol. Anyway, keep up the good work. As I said, I enjoy how God’s message through you, has a story in it and is easy to understand. Take care and God bless. Jim

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I listen and share christianityworks daily on Facebook, it has helped me and I hope other to grow closer to the LORD. I am an alcoholic who one morning woke to realise I had no drink left, I threw my empty bottle out threw my bedroom window, smashing it, as I looked on the wall I saw a saying on the opposite wall saying, LORD remember me. A feeling of guilt came over me and I said "GOD forgive give me I can't even remember the LORD'S prayer" in a drawer beside was a very old KJV of the Bible and I opened it at Luke 11, where the disciples asked Jesus how to pray. As I read it I remembered the story of Samuel and again I opened the Bible at 1 Samuel 3 and read the account of the LORD calling Samuel. I'll never forget the moment where it says about their ears will tingle as mine were tingling, it was as if the LORD was saying Stewart instead of Samuel. That day I knew there was a GOD and he didn't want me to die as I had done many a time including standing in a bath full of water with an electric light ready to plunge it into the water. But my father must have sensed something was wrong and switched off the lamp outside the bathroom. I am not sure how I came across Christianityworks but it helps me every day to listen to the word of the LORD and I am very grateful that I did find it. Thank you LORD for leading me here. I a have been sober 16 years now and no more smoking or gambling are in my life thanks to our glorious Saviour, thank you LORD. I had led a life totally without the LORD in it, yet I now know that that the LORD was always there even in my darkest moments. Thank you LORD and thank you Berni Dymet and Christianityworks for your daily encouragement towards me and everyone that listens in, I love it. May your works grow through the LORD daily too. Thank you and Bless you all from Stewart Speed in Inverness Scotland., Amen.


You nailed it for me today! I have been unemployed for about a month and still am, however, it’s always God’s timing! Of course I want now, but He will be ready when it is the right time for Him. Thank you for this reading!

Alexander Gadallah

Brother Berni, just want to thank you for God’s Word. I’m going through some hard times. Its been 3 days I would love for you to pray for me. I’m scared to go to the hospital my face is swolln and I just heard your message.

Efrain Chavez

Thank you, Berni and to your team, for Christianityworks, as your program has been used to help remind the importance of seeking our Heavenly Father first and foremost. Thank you, Berni, for choosing to bless with with concise and pragmatic messages on faith and every day issues as we sometimes get too overwhelmed by life's challenges that we tend to forget we ought to find some time for God to be renewed each day.
I got to know about 3yrs ago from Faith Tv and I subscribed for the devotionals. The Lord has used these devotionals to speak to me about a lot of things like today when I was grumbling about a situation in my life that I felt the Lord hadn't shown up in but today's series spoke about hidden faults and I realized I haven't been faithful in evangelizing. Thank you for faithfully sending these devotionals to my email. God Bless you
I've been fighting addictions for many years. My story is a long one. I've been clean now for years. And I wanted to thank you for your daily email. I find strength in reading it. It makes me feel closer to God. I'm still learning.