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Help us to share the word. We’d love to hear how God has impacted your life through Christianityworks.
Before I go to work in the morning I read the Word of God through Christianityworks. I was jobless for almost a year. I had lost faith and one day got a call for contract work although it's temporary, I now have more confidence in myself and God because I know He has greater plans in store for me. I believe so.

I very much appreciate the audio, also. I look forward to hearing Berni’s inspirational and uplifting voice every morning, especially now as I am very ill. Thank you so much for your Good Works and God Bless!

Rebecca Hennon

Thank you so much, like many in this group, Christianityworks has done many wonders in my life. I live in Zimbabwe. Many things have not been well for a while and the coming of the pandemic made things even worse. But I’m glad that through Christianworks, God had been ministering to me a lot and I’m seeing growth in the things of the Lord in my life. May God richly bless you and the entire family.
Christianity works ministers to me every time I read it. My youngest son is separated from his wife and his heart is so broken. It just breaks my heart to see him go so much pain. I have sent him the words you have written to encourage him. They have been so encouraging to me. Thank you for your commitment to Christ and for sharing His word with all of us around the world. I’m in South Carolina and my son is in Louisiana. You are a blessing Bernie.

Hi Berni,
I recieve your Fresh daily devotional each day. I enjoy your simple, practical way of getting God’s message across. I have to say, myself and no doubt many others struggle with the Bible when it uses words like doth, thee and others like it. I’m sure you know what I mean. We should never be ashamed of preaching the Gospel. However, if you can’t get your message across to people because they won’t listen, then it can be quite discouraging. As I said earlier, you have a good way and style when spreading the good news. I live in Scotland, near Glasgow. I was brought up a Catholic like yourself. I became a Christian three years ago. I started to attend a Baptist church, which I enjoyed. I meet many people who ask or question, not in a bad way, why I still attend Mass. I heard a saying that bad Catholics (people who don’t know the Faith and are Catholics in name only) become Protestants and good Protestants become Catholics. I:e Scott Hahn, Marcus Heidi etc. I struggle to understand why guys like Scott Hahn who by his own admission, were anti Catholic and steeped in the Bible, (sola scripture) would then become a Catholic. It’s a real issue for me at present. Feel like I’m stuck in no man’s land going between my Catholic Christian friends and my Protestant Christian friends lol. Anyway, keep up the good work. As I said, I enjoy how God’s message through you, has a story in it and is easy to understand. Take care and God bless. Jim

Jim Ellis

Thank you Berni! I love the down to earth truth of your daily devotionals. They make me think and help me to gain perspective for the day. I look forward to them every morning! I have always known about God and I had a remarkable relationship with my mom, she truly was my everything! In 2009 she passed away and I was SO mad at God, how could He take away the most important person in my life?! I was angry for 2 years but my daughter insisted I go with her to a “Judgment House” where I realized I was not a good person but that God loves me and forgives me. My mom’s death and my daughter brought me to Jesus and now I am saved and blessed beyond measure! I’m thankful for every day and everything God has done, doing and will continue to do in my life! I pray to hear from God, “well done good and faithful servant”. Thank you Berni, God Bless, from Kimberlie in Texas
I look forward to the message every morning. It comes as good food to me. Spot on every day. I teach and take care of my son with severe sleep problems. God has given me everything I need plus courage from God's word through you every day. I just keep on singing and praising God. God is good all the time. Thank you so much.
Thank you Bernie. I look forward to my messages every morning from Christianity works there’s always a great message to start my day. I know that God is always guiding me and I have surrendered my life to him and my life has been wonderful I have ups and downs now and then but God is always with me and I always feel safe. So thankful for my wonderful messages from Christianity works. So thankful that God is in my life. He always listens and when it’s his timing my Prayers are always answered. I read my psalms every morning in my Bible and I always get a wonderful message from God. God bless you Bernie and thank you so much for Christianity works and for your messages. In Jesus name, I pray and am so thankful., We are DIRECTORIA business directory, currently, we are in the process of including new companies on our website. We have recently listed on our directory (for free). This is an excerpt of the listing: "The website from which you got to this page is protected by Cloudflare. Email addresses on that page have been hidden in order to keep them from being accessed by ..." You can take a look at the full listing  here: -- If you want to remove it click here: If you want to  make any changes, please, claim your listing  by clicking on the "claim now!" button below your contact information. Thanks. Directoria Team.
Dear Berni, your emails are a source of inspiration and comfort to me. Your text messages came at a time of stress like the word of God dropping from the sky and encouraging me in the truth that he will never leave me nor forsake me. Thanks so much Berni. God bless you in all you do. Neil.
Thank you for the daily Word of God. It's needed every morning to stay on fire and trust and believe. We are Blessed to be a blessing.
With daily struggles, I turn to God who always answers my prayers and your daily devotional always speaks encouraging words into my problems. - Your Voice

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